Andy Godfrey

Longest Tenured Driver

I have been with Windy Hill for over 25 years due to the small company atmosphere, the fact that they treat me as a member of the family, and knowing that Management would not ask me to do anything that they wouldn't do.

Brian Tuttle

19 Years of Experience

I have been driving truck for nearly 28 years, the last 19 here with Windy Hill. What keeps me here? It's the people I work with and the family atmosphere at work.

Thurston Tollett

8 Years of Experience

Coming out of truck driving school, the only company willing to give me a chance was Windy Hill. Once I had a little experience under my belt, those companies that told me “no” back then now wanted me to come drive for them. My thought was... 'Why? Now that I have proven myself, they want me?' I am so glad that Windy Hill took a chance on me, I have found my home.

McKinley Harvin

1 Year of Experience

When the Recruiter came to my truck driving school, he told the class that at Windy Hill, you are known by your name, not by a number. I have uncles and cousins that drive for other trucking companies and they tell me they are known by their employee number. At Windy Hill, I am known as McKinley.

Jeff Collins

Under One Year of Experience

I chose Windy Hill because it is a smaller company where you get to know everyone and everyone gets to know you. A lot of trucking companies say they are family oriented, at Windy Hill you are family.

Roger Allen

Driver of the 4th Quarter

Congratulate Roger Allen for earning the (Driver of the 4nd Quarter) 2020. Roger Allen is recognized by Windy Hill Foliage, Inc. Roger represent Windy Hill as a “Carrier of Choice”. Thank you Roger for your outstanding performance here at Windy Hill.