Where is your corporate office?
Our corporate office is in Marshfield, WI, and our satellite terminal is in Eustis, FL.

Where are your routes?
Our lanes of travel run mainly Midwest to Southeast. Our drivers do not run NYC/New England states or into Canada.

Do you offer E-ZPass or Pre-Pass?
Yes, we do!

What is your customer base and freight quality?
We work with several Fortune 500 companies.

What is the average age of your trucks?
1.5 years

Do you run electronic logs?
All trucks are equipped with Electronic Logging Devices and GPS.

What electronics are furnished?
We provide satellite communication with a GPS navigation system.

Do you allow riders?
Yes, after six months of safe, solo driving.

Do you have slip seating or assigned trucks?
All equipment is assigned.

What is your vacation policy?
1 + years = 7 paid days
2 + years = 8 paid days
3 + years = 9 paid days
(Add one extra day per year up to a maximum of 14 days paid.)

Which miles are paid and which are unpaid?
All miles are paid miles.

How do you calculate miles?
Miles are calculated using the PC-Miler.

If the weather is hazardous, I am ill, or road conditions are such that I feel unsafe to continue driving, will I be penalized for parking until I can continue driving safely?
No. Our policy is that appointments can be rescheduled, lives cannot. Safety is paramount to our company.

What about safety training?
Safety is a cornerstone value at Windy Hill. Drivers can expect to receive ongoing safety education throughout their career.

What is your policy on inverter installation?
Drivers can install their own inverters and the shop can help if needed. Some trucks have tri-packs; some have bunk heaters only.

What are typical first or second year earnings?
First year - $50,000-$55,000
Second year - $55,000-$65,000
Experienced drivers: $68,000-$74,000

How many miles per week does a new driver average?

Do you offer tuition reimbursement?
After one month of safe, solo driving, reimbursement is made at $200/month.

What is your new driver retention rate?

If you have further questions, please feel free to call us at 800-227-0020 (Marshfield, WI), or 800-864-3404 (Eustis, FL).