Trailer Decking Windy Hill


Our 3,000 lb aluminum bars hold your freight in place, assuring you that your freight will be safely and securely transported to your location. It's simply a stronger load securement than a load lock, and one of the things we are proud to call a Windy Hill standard. Our custom trailer decking allows us to build a second floor in the trailer, allowing us to double stack your product. Additionally, we can utilize shelving as close as 12" apart. We offer many customized solutions depending upon your industry and freight needs. Whatever you need to haul, we can get it there securely.



Our 48' spread axle trailers can handle your larger freight needs with ease. Anything not easily transported in our dry vans, whether it is oversized or needs additional service, can work on a flat bed.

Reefers Windy Hill


Our reefers aren't like the rest - while they distribute air to the back of the trailer - this is important when you need a climate controlled interior, our reefers have a unique, low-profile chute that give a minimum height of 108". The inside dimensions are larger than a typical reefer, with an inside width of 100". We can simply load more freight than you could fit in a typical reefer. That means we can haul more of your freight, safely and dependably.

Dry Vans Windy Hill


Our 53' dry vans can transport freight of all kinds. With a 100" inside width, our late model vans all have wood floors.

Storage Windy Hill


We also offer storage options to our customers. For residential or commercial customers, we offer both short and long-term options. We can deliver a trailer to your site. Once you've loaded your items, we can store it or leave it at your location. When you're ready, we'll deliver it to your location. We also offer ground level access to the trailer when you're here, with our concrete dock making it easier for you to unload your items.